Drone Services

Contact us to develop a drone solution for you

QPAMS has experience completing projects with the utmost safety and quality in mind. The right drone operator can be the difference between a fantastic project or a nightmare, with the right knowledge, equipment and an eye for detail – our operators have the skills to make your project a success.

Our pilots have gained their RePL through CASA and are capable of operating at night and with drones up to 25 KG.

QPAMS holds a CASA certified ReOC (Operator’s Certificate) for Remote Aircraft Operations and carries a minimum Public Liability insurance of $20,000,000. CASA.ReOC.6889

QPAMS operators are knowledgeable and experienced in building maintenance, asset inspection, photogrammetry, mapping, measurements and videography.

See below a list of QPAMS drone services:

  • Building/Asset Inspections (roofs, facades, walls, bridges, water and gas pipelines, power lines, roads, rail lines, etc.)
  • 3D Modelling of structures
  • Drone photography and videography for real estates
  • Marketing videos
  • Business promotional videos
  • Construction site fly-overs
  • Thermal imaging
  • Photogrammetry (the use of photo’s to ascertain measurements between objects)
  • Mapping
  • Measurement and calculation (stockpiles of coal, sand, etc.)

Where can QPAMS fly?

There are laws and regulations that apply to where a drone can be operated in Australia. We hold exemptions and can fly in any area with prior CASA approval.

Safety and Risk Mitigation

QPAMS is bound by the companies Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and CASA to ensure that JSAs, briefings and appropriate risk mitigation are put in place before any job commences. All jobs are flown with safety at the top of our priority list.